About Us

Rocky Mountain Diving Club (RMDC) offers recreational Learn-to-Dive and, pre-competitive programs for all ages. Our goal is to provide quality technical springboard and platform diving instruction at the introductory level in a safe, controlled, and fun environment. We incorporate trampoline and dry board training, as well as dry land strength and flexibility conditioning into all lessons.

Participants begin developing skills on one and three metre springboards and progress to three and five metre platforms as skills improve. RMDC emphasizes the importance of physical conditioning and correct basic fundamental diving skills as a base for progression in the sport. Our coaches are nationally (NCCP) or internationally certified instructors with experience in coaching and diving.

Rocky Mountain Diving Club programs are conducted at Repsol Sport Centre (formerly as Talisman Centre), a world-class public sports facility, home to many of Calgary’s elite athletic teams. This facility features a 15 foot deep diving tank with five one metre and three three metre springboards as well as three, five, seven and ten metre platforms. RMDC features two one metre dry boards with surrounding pit mats, gymnastic trampolines with safety rig and spotting belts, mirrors, exercise stations and a bubble machine (to soften new dive entries). The dry land equipment allows divers to learn new dives in safety harnesses before attempting them on the diving boards. Our programs are also offered at the SAIT aquatic centre. SAIT offers two one metre springboards and a three metre springboard. SAIT also has mats for dry land training and strength conditioning. The SAIT facility is great for those traveling from the North of the city as it is located more centrally than the Repsol Sport Centre.

Rocky Mountain Diving Club is also a novice talent identification program for Dive Calgary, Calgary’s only competitive diving club. Rocky Mountain Diving Club participants who exhibit diving talent, a strong work ethic, and a positive attitude will be invited for evaluation with Dive Calgary. Evaluations are ongoing through out the year.