RMDC Parent Responsibilities

  • Make sure the diver is at lessons on time and ready to dive with proper footwear, shorts, t-shirt, bathing suit, towel and water bottle.
  • Encourage your child without pressuring them. Always show interest and enthusiasm. Diving through the fear is a major part of this sport’s psychological demand, so be patient if your child hesitates to try a new “scary” dive.
  • Please do not coach your child. During lessons, allow the coaches to do their job. Some coaches find that divers perform better and more effectively when parents are not present or are seated upstairs in the observation area above the pool.
  • If your child misbehaves, a coach has some responsibility to discipline them, but the ultimate responsibility for discipline remains with you.
  • Do not criticize coaches or other divers in front of your child.
  • Let your child know that you will be there for them, even if a lesson does not go as well as hoped or anticipated.