Club Policies

Policies and Fine Print for all RMDC Programs

  • Classes need a minimum of 4 participants to run. Less than 4 participants may result in cancellation of that class for the session.
  • New participants will receive a Repsol Centre pass card to gain access through the back gate (group check-in gate) to the lower pool deck area at the first lesson. Passes must be returned to the coach on the last day of the session.
  • Access to the pool deck is through the change rooms located at the bottom of the stairs below the Main Service Centre.
  • Participants do not need to shower first as they will be completing dry land training and conditioning before entering the pool.
  • Participants should arrive at least five minutes before class wearing running shoes, t-shirt and shorts, bathing suit and with a towel and water bottle.
  • Parents may accompany their child down to the pool deck on their first lesson day only for the start of class, after which we ask that you move to the observation area located above the dive tank. As exciting as being on deck is to watch all the action, space is limited and is restricted to participants and their soggy dive gear.

Cancellation Policy

Withdraw before the program starts:

If diver decided to withdraw from the program prior to the beginning of the class, diver will be refunded a full amount with a deduction of the administration fee of $10.

Withdraw after one or two sessions of the program:

If diver decided to withdraw after joining 1 or 2 class of the program, diver will be charged $25 for each session he/she has attended plus an administration fee of $10, and RMDC will refund the rest of the registration fee to diver.

Withdraw in the middle of the session because of family emergency or injury:

RMDC will only refund to diver if they have to withdraw in the middle of the session because of family emergency or injury that will affect them from diving. The refund will be based on how many classes left of the session plus a $10 administration fee of the remaining amount. A maximum of 50% of the registration fee will be refunded.


If diver missed any classes due to their other commitments, RMDC will not offer any make up class for that. But if RMDC canceled a class, RMDC will offer make up lesson for the canceled class.