Available Programs

Bitty Bouncer

This class is designed to provide 4-7 year olds with a foundation in elite performance in the sport of diving. Each class is 45 min and includes stretching, tumbling and/or trampoline, spingboard and platform/side of the pool skills. Instructors will focus on developing coordination, flexibility, strength and teaching the fundamental skills of diving. Participants must be able to swim on their own to participate in this class.


Our class names have changed. This class was formerly known as Beginner 1. Our beginning level Bronze is our entry point into the program, ages 7-15. No previous diving experience neccesary. This class will teach the fundementals of diving and introduce dryland training with trampoline and dryboard skills. You'll have the basic understanding of a front and back take off, a proper front entry and basic diving skills. Most enter this stage between the ages of 7 and 15. If 16 & over, you can inquire about Adult Classes. Children under 7 will be given consideration after an assessment by the Program Director or Head Coach, which will include but not be limited to aptitude, swimming ability and attention span.


Our Silver program is an intermediate level. Your diver will expand on the skills attained from the Bronze program and new technical skills and dives will be introduced. Skills taught will be on trampoline and dryboard, front and back dives from 1m, various jumps in different positions, platform, and more diving specific physical activities in the dryland area.


In the Gold program, your diver will have mastered the Bronze and Silver programs. In this program your diver will learn complex and technical mechanics to diving. They will learn to enter the water properly and execute several dives. In some cases, they will be competition ready in their perspective age group. This is an exciting time to watch them learn new dives, as they develop into young divers.


If you're 16+ and would like to learn the fundamentals of diving in a controlled, safe and fun environment, this is the place for you. No previous experience needed.

Long Term Development Program

*Only in Seton*
Divers want to spend more time with Rocky Mountain Diving Club working on skills.
Participants will be registered for the program from January to June, 3x/week.